Le Révélateur

Horizon Fears

NNA Tapes NNA046
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Following up stellar releases on the Root Strata and Gneiss Things labels, Montréal, Quebec music veteran Roger Tellier-Craig offers us his latest collection of crystalline electronics as Le Révélateur. 'Horizon Fears' explores virtual settings through highly evocative and sparkling hi-fi electronics, spanning a wide array of moods and themes. Always a dedicated purist, Tellier-Craig specializes in assembling pulsing electronics and inventive melodies as interlocking parts, creating a colorful and highly visual grid of fine-tuned pieces that operate flawlessly as a whole.

Le Révélateur: Horizon Fears

Scala Fenicia Le Révélateur 04:55
Data Daze Le Révélateur 04:00
Personal Imaging Le Révélateur 02:25
View Model Le Révélateur 04:36
Fleuve Noir Le Révélateur 07:15

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