Sin Fang

Because Of The Blood / Two Boys

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The new Icelandic king of lo-fi layered lushness, Sindir Már Sigffússon aka Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous) brings you a new 7inch as a foretaste for his new album "Summer Echoes" (to be released on Morr Music). While the last single contained some cover versions of pretty popular sings by Fleetwood Mac & Simon and Garfunkel, this time Sin Fang appear as composer which can be easily recognized by his signature layered wash-of sound.
"Because Of The Blood" encapsulates the essence of the forthcoming album in an euphoric orchestral pop song that manages to merge epic tune sculpting with several layers of choir abundance!
The flipside keeps an incredible treasure. "Two Boys" is a heart breaking ballad, like the essence of pop music in two minutes.

Sin Fang: Because Of The Blood / Two Boys

Because Of The Blood Sin Fang 03:30
Two Boys Sin Fang 02:10

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