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The Go Find is a band formed by Dieter Sermeus from Antwerpen, Belgium. With his band Orange Black he supported shows with Pavement, Stereolab, Seam, Unwound and many more... 2001 Sermeus started experimenting with electronics when founding The Go-Find, which have released three albums so far and became one of Belgiums most acclaimed Indie-Bands.

Morr MusicLP/CD
The Go Find
Brand New Love
Morr Music

LP: 14,99 €
CD: 13,99 €
Song Card Set by Julia Guther
Morr Music MerchandisePostcards + Code
Julia Guther
Song Card Set
Morr Music Merchandise

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Morr MusicCD/LP
The Go Find
Everybody Knows It's Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Morr Music

CD: 9,99 €
LP: 9,99 €
Morr MusicCD/LP
The Go Find
Stars On The Wall
Morr Music

CD: 9,99 € 7,49 €
LP: 9,99 € 7,49 €
Morr MusicMCD/12”
The Go Find
Over The Edge Vs. What I Want
Morr Music

MCD: 5,99 € 4,49 €
12”: 5,99 € 4,49 €
Morr MusicCD/LP
The Go Find
Morr Music

CD: 9,99 €
LP: 9,99 € 7,49 €

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