• Dark Entries

    Dark Entries was born in the spring of 2009 to release out of print and unreleased underground music as well as contemporary bands. A project of Josh Cheon, a vinyl-focused DJ and collector, Dark Entries takes great care in preserving sound quality and re

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  • Editions Mego

    Editions Mego is a non-funded independent record label from Vienna, Austria, founded 2006 by Peter Rehberg. Its aims are to maintain the back catalogue and legacy of the legendary experimental Mego label, as well as releasing new works.

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  • Immune Recordings

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  • Miasmah Recordings

    Miasmah is run by Erik K. Skodvin (who releases as "Svarte Greiner" on Type Reordings) from Oslo, Norway. It started as a Net-Label in 2003 and began to release CD's and Vinyl in 2006. It is focussed on ambient and experimental classical music and release

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  • Minimal Wave

    "Founded by Veronica Vasicka in 2005, Minimal Wave has done the invaluable work of historical recovery, unearthing an entire subgenre for a new generation. Emerging from the brief postpunk moment of the late 1970s and early 1980s and created by a loose ne

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  • Morr Music

    Morr Music merges electronic and indie musical disciplines that many consider the label to have invented its own genre. It's roster is certainly a testament to this fact - the likes of Lali Puna, Múm, Isan, Seabear, Sin Fang, Tarwater, Opiate, Ms. John So

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  • NNA Tapes

    NNA Tapes is a Cassette & Record label, Est. 2008, based in Burlington, Vermont. NNA has flourished along with a general analog music revival, fostered predominantly by homespun labels and the heavy doses of vintage synthesizers. Since 2010, the label (th

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  • Pan

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  • Root Strata

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  • Shelter Press

    Shelter Press is a Paris / Brussels based independent publishing company. Their publishing program focuses on contemporary art and music through artist books, monographies and records. The name Shelter has been chosen as a reference to the californian thi

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  • Software

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  • Thrill Jockey

    Thrill Jockey was founded by Bettina Richards in 1992 and became soon one of the most influential indie labels representing THE Chicago sound. And still today the label is well known for its excellent output in the fields of post- and indie-rock, singer/s

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  • Umor Rex

    Umor Rex [Rex stands for Records] is based in Mexico and began in the summer of 2006. Umor Rex started based on the premise of free downloadable albums by original, exclusive artists. The parameters are wide and flexible, and there is not a single dominan

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