Artists — Dakota Suite

Liverpool is the home town of Chris Hooson, Singer/Songwriter for Dakota Suite. The band is an extremely personal guitar project that deals with tragedies in Chris´ life and the constant up and down in the success of his favourite team FC Everton. One things for certain, we´re not talking about happy music here. The track titles on the album "Alone With Everybody" (1996), "The Way I´m Sick" (2002) or "Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life" (2007) already point out some of this sensitive man´s feelings. The fool for football sticks to the motto of his club >Nil satis nisi optimum<, which means something like >Only the best is good enough<. He sometimes speaks about an event in his life that helped him to bring his soul out into the daylight a bit more and,..

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