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Gedichterbe is a project by AGF (Antye Greie) that investigates german poetry and the heritage of german language within electronic music and society. Starting with the first known female German poet Frau Ava (11th century) till todays "wunderkind" poetess Ann Cotten (born 1982), poets are chosen from romantic period of the 18th century via jewish poets during 20th century till poets from both Germany's after the WW II.
Personalities from the german electronic music scene help AGF interpret the poems and the collaborators vary from the famous techno DJ Ellen Allien, the underground avant-garde legend Gudrun Gut, the prolific German Rapper Pyranja, Berlin's electronic star Barabara Morgenstern, scandalous Gina D'Orio from Cobra Killer and more.
AGF presents poets and poems close to her heart. Specifically the relation to sound and music is investigated and interpreted.
So how does this sound? Can Quio rap Frau Ava? Are Friedrich Schiller and Günderode standing the proof of time? Can Else Lasker-Schüler and Paul Celan inspire us today?
The music is radical modern and contemporary minimalistic, supporting the poetry as well the history around it. The historical text is interpreted with digital sound technology and aesthetics. Sometime poems are deconstructed and cut-up and processed to the point of non- recognition, sometimes the poems stand there pure.

AGF: Gedichterbe

Auszug Aus: Die Strasse, 1986 AGF 1' 49''
Auf Diesem Hügel Überseh Ich Meine Welt! AGF 2' 30''
Ich Wollt', Ich Wär' Des Sturmes Weib AGF & Gudrun Gut 3' 20''
Rosa Meinung AGF 1' 53''
Der Abschied AGF 1' 17''
Drei Bögen : Bougainville AGF & Dalibor 4' 44''
Ich Werde Sein AGF 1' 46''
Die Töne AGF 2' 18''
Unsernorts AGF 2' 17''
Die Ewigkeit AGF 4' 10''
Golda AGF 1' 24''
Dü Inneren Orren AGF & Quio 2' 18''
An Achmatova AGF & TBA 2' 56''
Die Macht Des Gesanges AGF 5' 28''
Champagner 1-3 AGF & Ellen Allien 3' 30''
Israels Leib AGF 1' 02''
Entworfene Gedanken AGF & Barbara Morgenstern 4' 37''
Mein Liebeslied AGF 1' 13''
Weltinnenraum AGF & Gina D’Orio 2' 58''
Schwermutschnellen AGF 1' 28''
Meerleuchten AGF & Pyranja 1' 52''
Perlenfischer AGF 2' 21''
Mandelblütensyntax AGF 1' 45''
Nachtstück Von San Ildefonso I AGF 3' 08''
Dadada AGF 1' 34''
Mit Allen Gedanken AGF 2' 13''
Diimaan AGF & Bothnian Draale Pack 1' 55''
Das Letzte AGF 1' 36''

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