Aeron Bergman

The Tale Of The Unhappy American

Tomlab Tom011
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24 tracks - all even tracks are for the music, all uneven tracks contain the story.

"The Tale of the Unhappy American" is the first full release by Aeron Bergman on Tomlab and follows his contribution to the "For Friends" label compilation under the name Underwood.

Aeron Bergman says: This is a sci-fi tale meant to be enjoyed by a fireside on a cold winter sunday afternoon. The sun sets and soon leaves the window pane dark blue. Wrap a knit quilt around yourself (and a loved one), sit back with a cup of your favorite hot drink, and let this story wrap its lazy electricity around you.

Tom Steinle says: This is the most beautiful electronic recording I have heard in a long long time, thoughtfully arranged from the first to the last second. It leaves all the unsensitive improvised laptop sounds far far behind and shows how much potential actually lies within advanced DSP based composition techniques. It even managed to slip into my dreams where I was looking from the safe spot down from the mountains where the fires are (terrible fight track) - it all seemed so real - perfect cinemascope format!

Aeron Bergman: The Tale Of The Unhappy American

N/a (Part 1) Aeron Bergman 04''
N/a (Part 2) Aeron Bergman 3' 13''
N/a (Part 3) Aeron Bergman 40''
N/a (Part 4) Aeron Bergman 3' 22''
N/a (Part 5) Aeron Bergman 23''
N/a (Part 6) Aeron Bergman 2' 37''
N/a (Part 7) Aeron Bergman 23''
N/a (Part 8) Aeron Bergman 2' 27''
N/a (Part 9) Aeron Bergman 26''
N/a (Part 10) Aeron Bergman 2' 47''
N/a (Part 11) Aeron Bergman 13''
N/a (Part 12) Aeron Bergman 2' 26''
N/a (Part 13) Aeron Bergman 18''
N/a (Part 14) Aeron Bergman 2' 42''
N/a (Part 15) Aeron Bergman 36''
N/a (Part 16) Aeron Bergman 2' 15''
N/a (Part 17) Aeron Bergman 25''
N/a (Part 18) Aeron Bergman 2' 09''
N/a (Part 19) Aeron Bergman 16''
N/a (Part 20) Aeron Bergman 2' 54''
N/a (Part 21) Aeron Bergman 09''
N/a (Part 22) Aeron Bergman 2' 45''
N/a (Part 23) Aeron Bergman 16''
N/a (Part 24) Aeron Bergman 3' 48''

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