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An Italian soundtrack originally issued in 1976 which is widely considered a Funk Exotica masterpiece. Originally composed by orchestra conductor Alberto Baldan Bembo for the movie soundtrack "Ecco lingua d'argento", starring the sexy Carmen Villani. The album includes many spellbinding and powerful grooves filled with great basslines, dope wah wah and killer Funky sounds; a countless amount of drum beats with dancing Fender Rhodes, Disco-Funk arrangements with driving tropical percussions, dreamy cinematic strings and sexy female chorus harmonize. Top-notch stuff for any crate digger / groove hunter / beat maker / record collector and vintage music vinyl maniac out there.

Exclusive liner notes written by DJ Spaziale aka Scott Hesselink, Original movie poster reprint included.

Alberto Baldan Bembo: Lingua D'Argento OST

Savana Alberto Baldan Bembo 3' 51''
Oblo Alberto Baldan Bembo 5' 16''
Magolia Alberto Baldan Bembo 2' 25''
Trop's Alberto Baldan Bembo 1' 56''
Tema Di Nadia Alberto Baldan Bembo 3' 22''
Samoa Alberto Baldan Bembo 1' 45''
Sweet Oasi Alberto Baldan Bembo 2' 23''
Green Sea Alberto Baldan Bembo 2' 41''
Love In Sahara Alberto Baldan Bembo 6' 28''
Mubu Alberto Baldan Bembo 1' 53''

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