Alex Crispin

Open Submission

Constellation Tatsu PURR 0090
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Glittering, glowing, hand-tooled indie new age music from high realms. UK composer Alex Crispin’s solo album is assured and sophisticated, effortlessly morphing through different melodic shapes and ever-hovering clouds of beautiful chords. Recorded & Produced by Alex Crispin: Oberheim Matrix-1000, Pipe Organ*, Rhodes Piano, Casio 1000p, Electric Guitar, 12-String Guitar, Akai AX60.

Alex Crispin: Open Submission

Open Submission Alex Crispin 6' 05''
Ohko Alex Crispin 4' 12''
Pharoah Alex Crispin 4' 44''
Rosewater Alex Crispin 5' 07''
Cleater Alex Crispin 4' 35''
St. Stephens Alex Crispin 4' 18''

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