Amateur Childbirth

Your Afterlife Is Cancelled

Blackest Ever Black BLACKEST059LP
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This is Amateur Childbirth’s Christian Rock album. The previous LP from Ivan Matthew David’s solo project, 2015’s Pripyat, concerned itself with the blighted belief systems of UFO worshippers, Your Afterlife Is Cancelled expands this compelling solo project’s field of enquiry to look at a wider array of “religious anomalies” – cults, for want of a better word. Each song is about a different such anomaly.

To call Hicks’ vision apocalyptic would be to underplay its cruelty. The Bible’s rampant sadism pales in comparison. This is a world where faith – in a god or gods, in astrology, morality, or any meaning whatsoever – is merely a prelude to punishment. His lyrics are vivid glossaries of pain, abjection and indignity; the songs’ protagonists swim in blood, piss, shit and ejaculate. Eschatology and scatology are indivisible here. Drugs are rampantly abused, albeit to little benefit. There are scalpel-flashes of humour in David’s wordplay, rhyming and dour Brisbane diction – but this offers scant consolation for the songs’ embattled subjects, who wait, in vein, for salvation, while crows peck out their eyes, blood pours from their ears, and psoriasis ravages their skin.

These words, for all their pessimism and body-horror, are cradled in minimalist, folk-rock arrangements that are quite dazzling in their beauty and grievously earned simplicity: Hicks’ monochord strum embellished with subtle violin, synthesizer and percussion shading. Amateur Childbirth’s caustic end-times worldview inevitably prompts comparisons with Current 93, but also a wider (non-)tradition of caustic and disturbed loner psych that includes Simon Finn, Patrik Fitzgerald, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Jefferies and Roy Harper.

Amateur Childbirth: Your Afterlife Is Cancelled

My Throat _ Abyss Of Tar Amateur Childbirth 1' 18''
Emissary Of Light Amateur Childbirth 1' 23''
Alive With Desire Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
Portents To Beauty Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
Iridescent Effigy To Hades Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
In Greenland, Alone Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
Lithium Hangover Ordinary Morphine Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
High Calvinism Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''
All Doomed Amateur Childbirth 2' 00''

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