Andrea Belfi


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FLOAT presents the next release from drummer and composer Andrea Belfi following on from his 2017 album Ore.

Strata is an organic evolution of the unique synthesis of hypnotizing drumming and ensnaring electronic patterns Belfi has become renowned for. Strata's inception is due to Belfi's playful experiments with Gnawa rhythms - a music tradition from North Africa that draws from ancient African spiritual and religious songs - with which Belfi created basic guide tracks that were later expanded upon. Strata's remit expanded from these core rhythmic ideas into a mini-LP, spread across 6 tracks spanning 25 minutes.

Andrea Belfi: Strata

Shale Andrea Belfi 2' 00''
Strata Andrea Belfi 2' 00''
Fault Andrea Belfi 49''
Outcrop Andrea Belfi 2' 00''
Ravine Andrea Belfi 2' 00''
Plateau Andrea Belfi 2' 00''

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