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Planet Mu ZIQ388LP
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Antwood (a.k.a. Canada's Tristan Douglas) returns to Planet Mu with his second album 'Sponsored Content'.

The album is more reflective than his debut, last year's 'Virtuous.scr'. The relentless mood of the first album has given way to a more melodic, stripped out sound.

It still shakes with speed and energy, but with more space, more moments of delicate sadness and strange cyborg pop.

What comes to the fore in 'Sponsored Content' is Tristan's gift for melody, coupled with the uncanny feeling that somehow his strange music is an entire ecosystem of its own..

Antwood: Sponsored Content

Disable Ad Blocker Antwood 4' 18''
The New Industry Antwood 3' 43''
FIJI Water Antwood 3' 40''
Wait For Yengi Antwood 3' 55''
I'm Lovin' I.T. Antwood 2' 46''
Sublingual Antwood 1' 06''
ICU Antwood 4' 03''
The Hyper Individual Antwood 4' 35''
Commodity Fetish Mode Antwood 4' 42''
Derealization Antwood 1' 50''
Don't Go Antwood 3' 21''
Human Antwood 4' 28''

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