• LP (color): Includes download, Pink vinyl, incl. insert
  • LP: Includes download
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2019 Studio Album. Still hymnic, LP5 doesn’t rely on dramatic gestures and theatrical amplification, instead it lives off delicately sculpted sounds crackling alongside filigree beeping and twitching. From elegiac techno to deep orchestral pop ballads, Apparat‘s work has always had a common denominator: an elegance that embraces and gives nuanced layers of detail and a near universal beauty.

Apparat: LP5

VOI_DO Apparat 4' 52''
DAWAN Apparat 4' 33''
LAMINAR FLOW Apparat 3' 41''
HEROIST Apparat 5' 46''
MEANS OF ENTRY Apparat 1' 43''
BRANDENBURG Apparat 3' 21''
CARONTE Apparat 4' 41''
EQ_BREAK Apparat 3' 34''
OUTLIER Apparat 6' 07''
IN GRAVITAS Apparat 6' 13''

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