Astral Colonels

The Difference Of Similarity / The Similarity Of Difference

Second Sleep SS090LP
  • LP: Edition of 300 copies
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Astral Colonels are Anthony Pateras and Valerio Tricoli and this is their second album: On side A (The Difference Of Similarity) the formidable use of a sound arsenal based primarly on prepared piano and tapes and a bright use of echo and repetition create winding tensions grafted into harmonics, irregular spiral-shaped non-progressions intertwining costantly on the ridge between the familiar and the unknown, a recurring alternation of stasis and fibrillation that delivers listeners to a thrilling, eventful audio experience. Side B (The Similarity Of Difference) is more focused on the piano that here sounds just like an elegantly lame carillon able to take us in a charming journey dappled by only apparently discreet electroacustic whiz and burst.

Astral Colonels: The Difference Of Similarity / The Similarity Of Difference

The Difference Of Similarity Astral Colonels 19' 40''
The Similarity Of Difference Astral Colonels 16' 48''

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