Banyen Rakkaen

Lam Phloen World-Class: The Essential Banyen Rakkaen

EM Records EM1174LP
  • LP: 4 page insert with liner notes and rare photos
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An exciting collection from pioneering Thai molam idol Banyen Rakkaen, featuring her most thrilling performances from the early to mid-70s, with innovative genre-bending arrangements and
production from Thepphabut Satirodchomphu.

These tracks, all originally released on 7-inch vinyl, showcase her powerful yet alluring voice, revolutionary yet rooted in tradition. Her exciting performance style was revolutionary and shocked traditionalists, but none could dispute the fact that she was a truly gifted singer, and Theppabut’s visionary production skills added to the feeling of freshness and vitality.

The early 1970s saw a growing demand in Thailand for exciting and danceable music, and the recordings compiled in this release filled that demand perfectly. Banyen was one of the great singers of that era who propelled Isan music to nationwide popularity. A true star who in 2013 was designated a living national treasure, Banyen stole hearts with these hard-driving hits, while inspiring a new generation of aspiring singers. Banyen will now steal your heart.

Banyen Rakkaen: Lam Phloen World-Class: The Essential Banyen Rakkaen

Spinning Cotton On A Full Moon Night Banyen Rakkaen 1' 25''
Lam Phloen To Soothe The Heart Banyen Rakkaen 1' 27''
Promise Of March Banyen Rakkaen 49''
Lam Phloen World-Class Banyen Rakkaen 1' 09''
I Won’t Move Banyen Rakkaen 51''
Lam Yao Salab Toei Banyen Rakkaen 46''
Toei From The Heart Banyen Rakkaen 44''
Lam Phloen Bar Girl Banyen Banyen Rakkaen 52''
Lam Phloen I Don’t Love You Banyen Rakkaen 00''
Whose Guy Is It Banyen Rakkaen 45''
Lam Phloen Daen Isan Banyen Rakkaen 45''
Lam Toei Salab Chak Banyen Rakkaen 54''

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