Drastic Measures

City Slang SLANG50183LP
  • LP (color): Includes download, Ltd. pink vinyl
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Each song on Bayonne’s Drastic Measures is orchestral in texture, unfolding in countless layers and kaleidoscopic tones. With great intensity of detail, the Austin-based artist otherwise known as Roger Sellers deepens that sonic complexity by weaving in elegantly warped samples of the field recordings he’s gathered for over a decade. But in its powerful melodies and pristine arrangements, Drastic Measures ultimately bears a pure pop lucidity even in its most grandiose moments.

Bayonne: Drastic Measures

QA Bayonne 5' 45''
Drastic Measures Bayonne 4' 46''
Same Bayonne 3' 41''
Gift Bayonne 5' 13''
Enders Bayonne 3' 18''
I Know Bayonne 4' 26''
Kind Bayonne 3' 31''
Uncertainly Deranged Bayonne 4' 36''
Abilia Bayonne 5' 07''
Bothering Bayonne 4' 47''

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