Bill Orcutt

How The Thing Sings

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Yet another essential cracking new set of songs from Bill Orcutt, showcasing a further development of his unique visceral acoustic style.
The language that Orcutt uses looks familiar at first glance, but cut deeper and its myriad of twisted audio thats both full on and drenched in melancholy, usually in the same gasping breath.
While a lot of it is the classic face melting style, some quieter segments counter balance on the title track as well the epic closer ‘A Line From Ol’Man River’ and ‘Heaven Is Closed To Me Now’.

Bill Orcutt: How The Thing Sings

No True Vine Bill Orcutt 1'11''
The Visible Bosom Bill Orcutt 6'02''
Lost They Book Bill Orcutt 2'38''
How The Thing Sings Bill Orcutt 4'12''
Till I Get Satisfied Bill Orcutt 3'28''
Heaven Is Closed To Me Now Bill Orcutt 3'30''
A Line From Ol'Man River Bill Orcutt 13'44''

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