Those Moments

Keysound Recordings LDN072
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Keysound Recordings presents a weightless album from label boss Blackdown. "Those Moments" is his first solo LP, features fellow "Margins Music" contributors Trim, Dusk & Farrah and, like the imprint's Rollage sub series, is centred at 130 bpm.

Each of the tracks is a distillation of a fleeting moment. The tracks and LP itself are short and constrained, relying on only voices, synths and sub bass.

The album came about in a quick intense burst and many of the tracks represent snapshots of brief instances - a bitter-sweet moment of inflection, a moment of positivity, digital over stimulation, awe, loss, intensity, anger, nostalgia, regret, honesty, relief and joy, 'Those Moments' just came flooding out.

I'd heard other musicians talk about this - but that had never happened to me." Recent releases from Rinse FM's Blackdown include a contribution to the #SaveFabric CD, three 4 track 12"s of the new Rollage sub series ("WDYM?!", "Keysound Sessions Anthem" and the "C-Troit" EP) and a remix of Jamakabi & Terror Danjah's "Juicy Patty."

Blackdown: Those Moments

Abundance Blackdown
Familiar Sound Blackdown
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Those Moments Blackdown
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Halcyon Skies Blackdown

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