Zero One Seven

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  • 2LP: Includes download, heavy gatefold sleeve, incl. black polylined inner sleeves, 180 gram vinyl
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Blackfilm is an anonymous Hungarian artist who introduced himself with his self-titled debut in 2008, sold out in a few months and later reissued on both CD and vinyl format via Denovali in 2010. His debut has garnered widespread attention - "Evolving from downtempo electronic music to orchestral paroxysms and, insanely, passing from down-pitched nothingness to frozen urban landscapes, it becomes inevitable to resist." / "Dark and brooding, Blackfilm envelopes you like a thick fog creeping off a cooling swampland." (Headphone Commute) - and is still a classic.

Since then, he has relocated to London and released the collaboration master-piece „Along the Corridors“ with Italy's heavy dub producer Eraldo Bernocchi in 2010. After eight years of silence Denovali now proudly presents his second solo album „Zero One Seven“, in line with a re-issue of „Along the Corridors“ on vinyl for the first time.

On „Zero One Seven“, Blackfilm merges tracks spanning across drum and bass, dub and electronic. The sounds on the album are built from the ideas on the original Blackfilm „S/T“ and „Along the Corridors“ and progress to a sound built on new ground mixing modern production techniques and influences while at times referencing the Blackfilm sound we know from his previous releases.

The album maintains a consistent focus on atmospherics, beats and heavy bass ranging from darker dub and drum and bass influences to vocal tracks and complex ambient soundscapes. Production wise, the familiar Blackfilm style incorporating the use of synthetic sounds mixed with samples enables the album to create an intriguing, shifting atmosphere as the album progresses. A dystopian journey through haunting vocals, hypnotic drum patterns and complex sound design.

Blackfilm: Zero One Seven

8632 Blackfilm 7' 53''
Version Blackfilm 7' 12''
Traitors Blackfilm 8' 04''
Blade City 2094 Blackfilm 7' 42''
Fateless Blackfilm 8' 30''
Deep Roots Blackfilm 6' 52''
Song Without Words Blackfilm 6' 40''
Vegas Blackfilm 5' 15''
Gone Blackfilm 4' 59''
Blackmark Blackfilm 6' 38''

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