Body Of Light

Time To Kill

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Birthed from Arizona's regaled Ascetic House collective, Body of Light is a dark synth-pop outfit comprised of young brothers Andrew and Alexander Jarson. What began as a vehicle for their exploration of noise and sound during their early teens has evolved into an established production over the last decade, as Body of Light continues to carve out their own style of complex, structured, and moving dancefloor electronics. Their music is not only individually personal, but drawn from experiences shared between the two brothers - and calls on elements of new wave, freestyle, goth, and techno to create timeless and singular tracks without fear of trend or passing fashion.On their third album Time to Kill, Body of Light refines their brand of cold and driving synth pop with a bold pallet of sounds and a focus on uncharted technique and purpose. Like the pale digital stare of the modern devices surrounding our daily lives, the album weaves stories of love and obsession in an era of technical bondage and fleeting exhilaration.

Body Of Light: Time To Kill

Time To Kill Body Of Light 3' 59''
Heart of Shame Body Of Light 3' 20''
Don't Pretend Body Of Light 4' 38''
Fever Freak Body Of Light 4' 25''
Fear Body Of Light 3' 27''
Dangerous Body Of Light 2' 57''
Violent Days Body Of Light 2' 50''
Stormy Body Of Light 3' 12''
Under The Dome Body Of Light 2' 45''

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