Book Of Air

Se (In) De Bos

Sub Rosa SR444V
  • LP: incl. printed inner sleeve
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This is the third album of Book Of Air, a series created by the granvat platform and curated by the composers and brothers Stijn and Bert Cools.

As in the first Book Of Air album "Fieldtone" and the second "vvolk", the parameters time and sound are again widely present. This time the 3 interwoven bass lines give the deep drive and foundation of the sound, completed with a layer of acoustic instruments and sparkling chords on top. "Se (In) De Bos" is inspired by the fluctuation objectivity of our daily observations.

vvolk investigates performing and improvising music, in close relation to present time; what are the possibilities in playing music, when changes in this music pass by unnoticed? How do we as musicians relate to the running time of a performance? This clearly challenges the improvising musicians, and makes audience and
performers discover new territories in collective improvisation.

The album is one continuous 60 minute piece. Presented as one track on the cd, and in two parts on the vinyl version.

Book Of Air: Se (In) De Bos

Se (In) De Bos Book Of Air 60' 02''

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