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Boothroyd releases his debut album on Fnord Communications the London / LA based label recently responsible for unearthing post-punk band Shame. Cutting his teeth in 2014 with debut EP Idle Hours on revered NY electronic imprint Triangle Records, and more recently contributing to critically acclaimed Grime LP's on 1-800-DINOSAUR (Trim) and Rinse (Maxta), Boothroyd reappears in 2018 with 'Pure Country' a typically idiosyncratic and forward thinking debut album.

Boothroyd: Pure Country

Pure Country Boothroyd 1' 31''
Blue Boothroyd 1' 31''
Rinsed Boothroyd 1' 28''
Smile Boothroyd 1' 27''
Dry Boothroyd 1' 30''
Jeep Boothroyd 1' 30''
Sunset Ibiza Boothroyd 1' 25''
Gap Boothroyd 1' 30''
Baleric Horse Boothroyd 1' 32''

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