Tender Buttons

Warp Records WARPLP136R
  • LP: Includes download, Printed Innersleeve
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2015 Reissue!

Returning after a two year absence, this LP saw a new sound for the band and a new line up of just Keenan and James Cargill. Stripped down to these essential components, they sought inspiration from minimalist post-punk outfits like Young Marble Giants and created a record of pop melodies that maintained the signature Broadcast feeling of melodrama and despondency. Having lost a third member in the run-up to this album, track 11 is entitled Minus 3 and further demonstrates Broadcast?s ability to bring real life experiences to record in inventive and effective ways. The stark minimalism of Tender Buttons was a first for Broadcast but their enduring melodies triumphed once again.

Broadcast: Tender Buttons

I Found The F Broadcast 2' 22''
Black Cat Broadcast 3' 58''
Tender Buttons Broadcast 2' 52''
America's Boy Broadcast 3' 35''
Tears In The Typing Pool Broadcast 2' 12''
Corporeal Broadcast 3' 55''
Bit 35 Broadcast 1' 50''
Arc Of A Journey Broadcast 5' 17''
Michael A Grammar Broadcast 3' 57''
Subject To the Ladder Broadcast 3' 14''
Minus 3 Broadcast 48''
Goodbye Girls Broadcast 3' 09''
You And Me In Time Broadcast 1' 24''
I Found The End Broadcast 2' 06''

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