Work & Non Work

Warp Records WARPLP52R
  • LP: Includes download, Printed Innersleeve
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2015 Reissue!

Warp compiled these singles in 1997 to collect the riches that had people infatuated with Broadcast?s distinctive sound. Their retro-futurist vision was brought about by shapeless analogue oscillations and sliced sampling. The dystopian lullaby melodies that featured on singles like According To No Plan and The Book Lovers were - and still are - completely in their own lane. Trish Keenan?s vacant vocals cascade around the instrumentation and production of James Cargill and Roj Stevens. What came after this release was a string of truly seminal LPs but it was this accumulation of singles that showed fans the niche Broadcast were hellbent on crafting for themselves.

Broadcast: Work & Non Work

Accidentals Broadcast 3' 28''
The Book Lovers Broadcast 4' 50''
Message From Home Broadcast 4' 00''
Phantom Broadcast 3' 32''
We've Got Time Broadcast 4' 14''
Living Room Broadcast 3' 27''
According To No Plan Broadcast 3' 08''
The World Backwards Broadcast 4' 00''
Lights Out Broadcast 4' 35''

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