Dimensional Space

Echospace [Detroit] CV313-CD-1
  • CD: 2016 reissue on CD
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We've spent years now going through the analog tapes from the cv313 project archives and we're excited to have the long sold out, "Dimensional Space" (LP Edition) from cv313 finally available on CD. We had to pay tribute to the brilliant artwork from Lindsay Todd @ Firecracker/House Of Traps and the superbly mastered recordings from Bazza @ Alchemy Mastering, London. This edition features selected content from the LP set and unreleased versions of, "Isis", a killer new cut from the "Beyond The Clouds" sessions titled, "Beyond Dreams", this edition also features 2 unreleased cuts which were scheduled to come out on the LP edition of the album but were omitted due to budgetary concerns, never to be heard - until now. This might be the soundtrack to the other side of the galaxy, a place where space meets bass. Epic in every sense of the word!

CV313: Dimensional Space

luna petra [alchemy remaster] CV313
clouds beyond [reprise] alchemy remaster CV313
clouds beyond [alchemy remastered mix] CV313
sella bay [unreleased] edit [alchemy remaster] CV313
beyond dreams [unreleased] alchemy master] CV313
cloudburst [unreleased] alchemy master CV313
isis [remake] unreleased mix [alchemy master] CV313

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