Charlemagne Palestine

DingggDongggDinggg vs. SingggSonggSinggg

Matière Mémoire Matme001LP
  • LP: Ltd. to 1000 copies, yellow vinyl, incl. printed inner sleeve
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Singing songs while playing ding dongs, Charlemagne's solo voice over the bells of his studio carillon is a premiere in his recorded works, and - to our best knowledge - the first voice/carillon record in musical history. All the little shamanic stuffed deities inhabiting the carillon added their souls to the spirit of the reverberating songs, including a song in memory of Mika Vainio.

Pressed in 1000 hand-numbered, yellow vinyls. 240 come with a 7", engraved with an exclusive track on one side and etched with a Charlemagne drawing on the other.

Charlemagne Palestine: DingggDongggDinggg vs. SingggSonggSinggg

YahhYahh MMANN YohhYohh IN ZINNTERVALLSZLANDD Charlemagne Palestine 8' 25''
Fhittterringgg + Fflyyinggg ZZOPTAUESSZZZ Charlemagne Palestine 9' 29''
KKLLANGGING ffalssettto SSLLANGGING ssonggg Charlemagne Palestine 5' 48''
QQQuasimodooooRodeoo Charlemagne Palestine 5' 30''

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