• 2LP (color): Includes download, White vinyl
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First time vinyl pressing of Chris Carter’s 1999 ambient-techno mission ‘Small Moon’, which appeared as part of the ‘Miscellany’ vinyl boxset earlier this year, and is now available as standalone release.

Now 20 years old, the sleek ambient techno fittings and fluid contours of ‘Small Moon’ spoke to an techgnostic eldritch conception of English “darkness” as much as the palpable feeling of PMT in the air back then - everyone shit-scared their cooker’s clock wouldn’t work (and maybe their computer might explode) when the dates flipped from 1999 into 2000.

Chris Carter: Small Moon

Arcadia Chris Carter 2' 00''
Praxiz Chris Carter 2' 00''
Klypp'D Chris Carter 2' 00''
Non-Pop Chris Carter 2' 00''
Reazymn Chris Carter 2' 00''
Soho… 3am Chris Carter 2' 00''
Small Moon Redux Chris Carter 2' 00''

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