Cindy Lee

Act Of Tenderness

W.25TH W25-04
  • LP: Includes download
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Cindy Lee is the diva alter-ego of singer / guitarist / drag queen Patrick Flegel, the one-time captain of heralded Canadian experimental guitar pop act, Women. In Flegel's working on / as Cindy Lee exclusively over recent years, their songwriting makes a move toward high atmospherics, often achieving a mysterious sweetness rooted equally in beauty and ache.

As Cindy Lee's first long-form statement, Act Of Tenderness makes use of antipodal themes to create a living sound: static with grace, distortion and sugar, all masterfully arranged with crooked nods toward pop classicism. The layered vocal on "Power And Possession" creates a palpable haunt, bringing historical girl-group lament to choir-esque heights. The feedback shriek and industrial grind of "Bonsai Garden" provides near-operatic damage, yet never stumbles into the irrevocably grave. These snowy pieces give the album a decidedly cinematic feel, albeit one bent more towards Eraserhead.

Originally released in a scant private edition in 2015, Superior Viaduct's imprint W.25TH is pleased to give Act Of Tenderness its deserving wide release.

Cindy Lee: Act Of Tenderness

Act Of Tenderness Cindy Lee 1' 49''
Power And Possession Cindy Lee 3' 06''
What I Need Cindy Lee 2' 33''
New Romance Cindy Lee 2' 26''
The Last Train's Come And Gone Cindy Lee 3' 38''
Operation Cindy Lee 2' 52''
Quit Doing Me Wrong Cindy Lee 2' 06''
Fallen Angel Cindy Lee 2' 10''
Bonsai Garden Cindy Lee 3' 29''
Miracle Of The Rose Cindy Lee 4' 54''
Wandering And Solitude Cindy Lee 4' 32''
A New Love Is Believing Cindy Lee 4' 12''

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