Cristian Vogel / T.Raumschmiere

Lost In The Chase / Dampfer

Shitkatapult strike_148
  • 10”: Record Store Day release 2014! Strictly ltd. to 300 copies! Grey Marbled Vinyl.
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This exclusive and limited 10inch vinyl contains one track each side by UK avantgarde techno producer CRISTIAN VOGEL and Shitkatapult founder T.RAUMSCHMIERE. It’s colored vinyl and strictly limited to 300 copies.
While LOST IN THE CHASE by CRISTIAN VOGEL performs a dark post-post Dubsteptechno Opera of music, T.RAUMSCHMIERE hits hearts and souls with his master piece DAMPFER that he created together with his friend BEN LAUBER: deepest half tempo shit!!!
The nice thing about this record is, moreover, that it’s not an album. Both T.Raumschmiere and Cristian Vogel are currently working on new stuff that is going to hit the streets in late 2014; doubtless to say that both releases will be spreaded by the Shitkatapult camp.
Shitkatapult is back on track. In 2014 the Berlin electronic music label listed BUS - EAGLES (feb), CANDIE HANK - DEMONS (april) and ULLI BOMANS - RIVEN (june).

Cristian Vogel / T.Raumschmiere: Lost In The Chase / Dampfer

Lost In The Chase Cristian Vogel 5' 40''
Dampfer T.Raumschmiere 3' 39''

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