Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel

Dark Entries DE 208
  • 2LP: Incl. 16-page zine
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Dark Entries reissue the 2nd full length from Carolyn Fok / CYRNAI, an Asian-American female solo artist from the Bay Area. Carolyn’s adventures in sound began with recording stories on a tape recorder at age 9 in 1976. A short time later, exploring the scattering of musical instruments and effects units her father left lying around the family home. She became especially fascinated by his TEAC reel-to-reel recorder that set off a lifelong fascination with sound design. By the age of 16 Carolyn had become inspired by industrial electronic act Cabaret Voltaire, as well as anarcho-punks Crass. Creating the stage name CYRNAI, a rearranging alphabet of Carolyn Fok, she played in several Bay Area bands including Treason, A State Of Mind, Trial and Rhythm & Noise between 1983 and 1991.

In 1986 Carolyn moved into her family’s building in downtown San Francisco providing a space to develop her own art and music for the next two decades. She was the only tenant of the five story building. The top floor had 36 abandoned rooms with building materials and holes between floors, staircases that created natural reverb. It was during this isolated time that Carolyn would start working on her second release, ‘Parts of The Insomnic Wheel,’ 60-minutes of ten untitled pieces that ran into each other. This was also the first release on cassette due time constraints of the LP. She spent many nights at the 24-hour diner across the street chatting metaphysics, parallel universes, the 5th dimension and astro-projections. Carolyn would sleep next to paper/pencil and report dream states, experimenting with mental techniques, investigating how far her mind could go. It was a journey to unravel the ‘dark night of the soul’. Utilizing her industrial surroundings, Carolyn would bang on sheet metal and record percussion on found materials. Originally released by Ladd-Frith in 1986, this reissue adds 4 unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the same period. Each copy includes a 16-page zine with lyrics, photos and notes by Carolyn. All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios.

Cyrnai: Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel

Constant Cyrnai 1' 02''
Red Carpet Hallways Cyrnai 1' 00''
Dungeon of Leftovers Cyrnai 1' 01''
The Pitchfork Of Womanhood Cyrnai 1' 00''
Prison Tree Duet Cyrnai 1' 00''
Numb Machinery Cyrnai 45''
White Sky Moving Cyrnai 1' 00''
Tibetan Bowls Signaling Cyrnai 1' 01''
Fluorescent Nerve Endings Cyrnai 15''
Spirals And Diameters Cyrnai 1' 00''
Clutching A Pencil Cyrnai 1' 00''
Time Has The Humor Cyrnai 1' 01''
Cinder Theory Cyrnai 00''
Indoor Lighting Cyrnai 1' 00''
I Was Over-born Cyrnai 1' 00''
Dig A Hole Cyrnai 1' 00''
Oh, Sun Come In! Cyrnai 1' 00''
A Goodbye Peck Cyrnai 1' 00''
Storing The Past In Formaldehyde Cyrnai 37''
Prison Tree Cyrnai 1' 00''
Dreamer's Paralysis Cyrnai 1' 00''
Have You Heard My Life Cyrnai 1' 00''
Ride Into Your Energy Cyrnai 1' 01''

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