Dean Blunt

Black Metal

Rough Trade RTRADCD725
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So while people are still struggling to wrap their heads around Dean Blunt's previous long player The Redeemer, Blunt has already announced his new album and debut for the popular label Rough Trade. The new album is called Black Metal and the ghostly first single is called '50 Cent' It sounds like neither of those reference points. It doesn't really sound quite like anything, but still falls into a tradition of rap, rock, and the confessional intimacy of a singer-songwriter. It's as dark, absorbing, and all-encompassing as that void of an album cover.

Dean Blunt: Black Metal

50 Cent Dean Blunt 2' 36''
Blow Dean Blunt 2' 31''
100 Dean Blunt 3' 21''
Heavy Dean Blunt 1' 59''
Molly & Aquafina Dean Blunt 4' 06''
Forever Dean Blunt 13' 00''
X Dean Blunt 8' 54''
Punk Dean Blunt 2' 35''
Country Dean Blunt 2' 11''
Hush Dean Blunt 1' 16''
Mersh Dean Blunt 3' 26''
Grade Dean Blunt 4' 45''

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