Death Comet Crew

Ghost Among The Crew

Diagonal Diagonal 006 LP
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Stuart Argabright (Ike Yard) revives his legendary NYC hip hop unit, Death Comet Crew, for a landmark debut album release on the burgeoning Diagonal Records. Titled in tribute to the group's fallen member, Rammellzee (R.I.P), 'Ghost Among The Crew' rocks up a feral blend of hip hop, industrial and jazz fusion with a furtive cyberpunk swagger, marking their first output since 'This Is Riphop' for Mike Simonetti's Troubleman Unlimited label nearly a decade ago. Founded by Argabright in 1983, and featuring his Ike Yard bandmate, Michael Diekmann and bassist Shinichi Shimokawa from his Black Rain duo, plus DJ High Priest and graf writer/proto-avant Hip Hopper, Rammellzee, they released a pair of EPs that outlived the group, later appearing on Gomma's seminal and influential 'Anti NY' compilation and since hailed as a classic reference point for the unparalleled proliferation of hybridizations in the Big Apple crucible circa late '70s/early '80s. Their return to the fray is a muscular, dynamic meld of studio experimentation and heavy grooves, employing the vocals of Hercules & Love Affair singer Nomi Ruiz, Rammellzee's pal Rapscallion, and Carolyne 'Honeychild' Colman to sweeten their sense of urban paranoia and dread with a soulful, pop-wise edge. It's perhaps best considered as the soundtrack to some sleazy, low-rent cyberpunk flick yet to be imagined in your 20th storey bedsit whilst gazing out on a megatropolis of hustlers and replic*nts.

Death Comet Crew: Ghost Among The Crew

Me Czar Of The Magyars Death Comet Crew 4' 46''
Deep Space Woman Death Comet Crew 4' 59''
Drag Racing Death Comet Crew 4' 09''
Moons On Titan's Seas Death Comet Crew 6' 00''
Let The Clubs Ring Death Comet Crew 4' 18''
One On Ones Death Comet Crew 2' 37''
Run Map Death Comet Crew 7' 06''
Ignition Spark Death Comet Crew 4' 20''
Crustacean Live Death Comet Crew 5' 01''

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