Hielo Boca

Malka Tuti Malka Tuti LP 004
  • LP: Spotgloss artwork, incl. insert
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Decha is Viktoria Wehrmeister, and Viktoria Wehrmeister is Decha. Viktoria is by now known in some circles as the frontman of the duo Toresch (alongside Tolouse Low Trax & Jan Wagner). Under the name Toresch They have released 2 critically acclaimed records on Vladimir Ivkovic’s label Offen which brought forward the fusion between TLT’s abstract raw, industrial yet sexy beats and Viktoria’s dadaist vocals. In Her debut solo LP under the alias of Decha, Viktoria presents 9 songs, more personal, and more abstract (yet always playful) approach to her art then heard on the Toresch records. Hielo Boca is a record that is both enchanting in its minimalism and yet still manages to pour out Viktoria’s exploding creativity, each song in its own way.

Decha: Hielo Boca

Nonja Decha 2' 00''
Viento donde te vas Decha 2' 00''
Tocar las cosas Decha 2' 00''
Soy Yo Decha 2' 00''
Voj a ver Decha 2' 00''
La nena Decha 2' 00''
Zurdupi Decha 2' 00''
Niebla Decha 2' 00''
Melodas Decha 2' 00''

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