Deeper Kenz

Deeper Kenz

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Wayfaring American producer / DJ Deeper Kenz named his project in homage to the “cinematically intense” Northeast Philly hood where he resided intermittently for nearly eight years. Surrounded by dive bars and decrepit lots, he turned inward and crafted a set of recordings “designed as tools to light up a small but intimate community of dancers and lovers.” The A side skews lean and linear, crisp percussion laced with shaded bass and violet textures, while the flip goes more mirror ball delirium, sweat and heat and disco samples “chained up and grooving to the unceasing rhythms of the big city machine.” Indulge, internalize; motion is meaning.

Recorded in Kensington, Philadelphia, 2013-2016. Illustrations by Mariah Welch. Mastered by John Flynn at Balance Mastering, UK and Eric Hanson at Maven Mastering, Los Angeles.

Deeper Kenz: Deeper Kenz

On The Viaduct Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
Taino's Groove Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
Body Ache (feat Mariah) Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
American Street Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
K & A Shade Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
CDO Palms Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
Jack's Famous Deeper Kenz 00' 00''
Deeper Kenz Deeper Kenz 00' 00''

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