Kernkrach Hertz048
  • LP: Edition of 300, 180g silver vinyl, insert, handnumbered
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Maybe you remember the debut 7inch by Delos from some years ago? Now at last there is a full length debut album - and you get served synth music pur sang. Spacious minimal synth tunes, some to dance to but many to trip away on...

Full tracklisting:

A1 Cluster A2 Systeme
A3 Pulsar A4 Binary
A5 Projectile A6 Welt

B1 Second Sun B2 Hangover
B3 Visitor B4 Microcosmos
B5 Temperature Is Rising
B6 Lifetime B7 Forvever

Delos: Microcosmos

Systeme Delos
Projectile Delos
Visitor Delos

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