Desire II

Italians Do It Better IDIB019LP
  • LP: Baby pink vinyl
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Includes the track “Under Your Spell” from the film Drive. The highly anticipated new album from this new Italians Do It Better supergroup comprised of JOHNNY of GLASS CANDY & CHROMATICS, NATTIE from Chromatics and vocalist MEGAN from Montreal. Eight tracks.

Desire: Desire II

Montre Moi Ton Visage Desire 2' 00''
Mirroir Mirroir Desire 2' 00''
Don't Call Desire 2' 00''
Dans Mes Reves Desire 2' 00''
Under Your Spell Desire 2' 00''
Colorless Sky Desire 2' 00''
If I Can’t Hold You Desire 2' 00''
Part II Desire 2' 00''

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