Destroy All Monsters

What Do I Get? / Nobody Knows

Radiation Records RRS71008
  • 7”: RSD 2019: Ltd. to 500 copies, grey translucent vinyl
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Destroy All Monsters began life as an experimental rock group in early ‘70s Ann Arbor, the brainchild of University Of Michigan art school weirdos Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and Niagara (Lynn Rovner), and filmmaker Cary Loren. Following many incarnations, lineup changes, and the breakup of Niagara and Loren’s romantic relationship, the group solidified in the late ‘70s around Niagara on vocals, and Detroit legends Michael Davis of The MC5 on bass, and The Stooges’ Ron Asheton on guitar. Though they never released a proper album, the group’s singles are certified punk classics and the band has since achieved massive cult status, counting Sonic Youth among their legion of fans. Radiation Reissues presents their first three singles in limited editions of 500 copies each on color vinyl for RSD 2019.

Destroy All Monsters: What Do I Get? / Nobody Knows

What Do I Get? Destroy All Monsters 30''
Nobody Knows Destroy All Monsters 30''

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