Deux Filles

Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness

Dark Entries DE 120
  • 2LP: 2018 Repress. Gatefold Sleeve, incl. Sticker
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The short, mysterious career of the female French duo Deux Filles is bookended by tragedy. Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule met as teenagers at a holiday pilgrimage to Lourdes, during which Coule's mother died of an incurable lung disease and Forque's mother was killed and her father paralyzed in an auto accident. The two teens bonded over their shared grief and worked through their bereavement with music. However, after recording two critically acclaimed albums and playing throughout Europe and North America, Forque and Coule disappeared without a trace in North Africa in 1984 during a trip to visit Algiers. The short and terribly unhappy lives of Forque and Coule are at the root of the small but fervent cult following the mysterious duo have gained since their disappearance, not least because the placid, largely instrumental music on the duo's albums betrays no hint of the sorrow that framed their personal lives.

This would be a terribly sad story if a word of it were true. In reality, Deux Filles were Simon Fisher Turner, former child star/teen idol and future soundtrack composer, and his mate Colin Lloyd Tucker. Turner and Tucker left an early incarnation of The The in 1981 to pursue another musical direction. Turner claims that the idea of Deux Filles came to him in a dream, and he and Tucker strictly maintained the fiction throughout the duo's career. Not only did they pose in drag for the album covers, the duo once even played live without the audience realizing that the tragic French girls on-stage were actually a pair of blokes from south London. Deux Filles released two albums through Turner and Tucker's Papier Mache label, 1982's “Silence & Wisdom” and 1983's “Double Happiness”. Both albums are included here and blend watery piano, occasionally ghostly vocals, sheets of synthesizers, heavily processed guitars and the barest minimum of percussion. Drifting and wistful, they’re a pair of lost ambient gems from a time when the genre had yet to mature, an excellent example of post-Eno, pre-Orb ambient music.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The vinyl comes housed in gatefold sleeve with original front covers of both albums, and a centerfold of archive images and the original liner notes. Each LP includes a sticker of the Lino cuts by Adrian Gill that was included with the original pressing.

"Like an early French film soundtrack with melodramatic overtones, the sound is jagged and disjointed but never harsh. Lilting guitars and ample use of echo smack of Vini Reilly, relying on the hypnotic qualities of the sound rather than abrasive noise" (Sounds, 03/1983)

Deux Filles: Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness

The Letter Deux Filles 1' 30''
L'intrigue Deux Filles 1' 30''
Drinking at a Stream Deux Filles 1' 30''
Oakwood Green Deux Filles 1' 30''
Children of Clay Deux Filles 1' 30''
Sur La Plage Deux Filles 1' 30''
Her Master's Voice Deux Filles 1' 30''
The Draw In Room Deux Filles 1' 30''
She Slides Deux Filles 1' 30''
Fleur's Dolls Deux Filles 1' 30''
Mortuary Deux Filles 1' 30''
The City Sleeps Deux Filles 1' 30''
Birds Deux Filles 1' 26''
Silence and Wisdom Deux Filles 1' 31''
Festival Deux Filles 1' 30''
Our English Friends Deux Filles 1' 30''
Piroette Deux Filles 1' 30''
The Third Movement Deux Filles 1' 30''
Play Room Deux Filles 29''
Starboard She Said Deux Filles 54''
Los Estrallas (The Stars) Deux Filles 1' 07''
Albert the Mud Fish Deux Filles 1' 30''
Who Art in Heaven Deux Filles 1' 30''
Shackleford Breeze Deux Filles 1' 30''
2 Blind 2 See Deux Filles 1' 30''
Zazinthos Deux Filles 1' 30''
Air Tube Deux Filles 1' 10''
Little Brown Jig Deux Filles 1' 30''
Tongues Deux Filles 1' 11''
Shalama Deux Filles 1' 30''
The Sun on the Sea Deux Filles 1' 30''
Interlude Deux Filles 17''
The Snow Falls and the Village is Overflowing with Children Deux Filles 1' 30''
Double Happiness Deux Filles 1' 30''

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