Positive Disintegration

Blackest Ever Black BLACKEST076
  • LP: Includes download, incl. lyric sheet & poster
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Positive Disintegration is the second album from Diät. A four-piece comprising two Australians and two Germans, all with long histories in hardcore, these punks-on-wave were the best live band in the city, and best all-round geezers, during those strange in-between days - channelling the bleak crunching attack of early Killing Joke, the terse minimalism of Crisis and the Mob, the chorus-pedal grandstanding of peak Chameleons (maybe) and the bittersweet pop impulse of the Cannanes (definitely) into songs that spoke eloquently and angrily to our contemporary first-world malaise. Or as they themselves put it: the sound of checking your bank balance to see if you’ve been paid yet...and you haven’t.

Diät: Positive Disintegration

We Diät 4' 06''
Foreign Policy Diät 3' 42''
W.I.G.T.D.W.M Diät 4' 04''
Disintegrate Diät 4' 18''
Dogshit Diät 3' 07''
Only My Own Diät 3' 49''
Missed The Bus Diät 5' 39''
Opfer Diät 2' 25''

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