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Dimitrios K is a legendary techno dj and producer from Gothenburg, Sweden, setting up underground dance parties since the nineties. iDEAL released his untitled debut album last year, filled with his deep techno. Now we are releasing his new LP, based upon a few of these tracks, remixed and reworked by no less than some of the top names of Swedish techno; VAN RIVERS, DUNGEON ACID, JOEL ALTER and SAMUEL L SESSION. Mastered by Samuel L Session in Berlin. 250 copies pressed on high quality black vinyl.

Dimitrios K: Rmxs

Where Am I (Van Rivers Remix) Dimitrios K
Where Am I (Dungeon Acid Remix) Dimitrios K
Dunkflum (Joel Alter Remix) Dimitrios K
Rough (Samuel L Session Remix) Dimitrios K

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