Durutti Column

Return Of The Durutti Column

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Despite the title, this is the debut album from Manchester's DURUTTI COLUMN, originally released on the legendary Factory Records label in 1980. This album is a collaboration between guitarist, and the only permanent member of the band, VINI REILLY and producer/keyboard player MARTIN HANNETT (Joy Division, Buzzcocks). Though lumped in with the post-punk movement, The Durutti Column's debut is hardly reminiscent of what that term brings to mind. The Return Of The Durutti Column is a collection of guitar based instrumentals melding rock, folk, classical, electronica and the avant-garde. Absolutely stunning.

Durutti Column: Return Of The Durutti Column

Sketch For Summer Durutti Column 2'59''
Requiem For A Father Durutti Column 5'05''
Katharine Durutti Column 5'30''
Conduct Durutti Column 5'02''
Beginning Durutti Column 2'25''
Jazz Durutti Column 1'38''
Sketch For Winter Durutti Column 2'25''
Collette Durutti Column 2'21''
In 'D' [Sketch for Winter mix] Durutti Column 2'31''

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