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Super Animal Brothers III

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Blistering thumpers with infectious melodies, Disco chants with wild-eyed electro anthems: all part of the unique electronic vision of Baltimore’s Ear Pwr. Devin and Sarah, the fiery young duo known as Ear Pwr, have blended together bits of Italo Disco, Baltimore Club, and twee indie pop to create a nuclear party grenade that will blow your mind. Their booty-shaking aesthetic has never sounded more enticing than on their new record Super Animal Brothers III. This scorcher of an album is hitting the pavement at full throttle. No party is complete without it!

Ear Pwr: Super Animal Brothers III

Epic Suitcase Ear Pwr 2' 19''
Secret Stars Ear Pwr 3' 51''
Tripodium Ear Pwr 1' 20''
Beam Of Light Ear Pwr 3' 04''
Super Animal Bros. III Ear Pwr 2' 53''
Future Eyes Ear Pwr 3' 39''
Sparkley Sweater Ear Pwr 2' 09''
Cats Is People Too Ear Pwr 2' 20''
You Are The Bomb Ear Pwr 31''
Boys II Volcanoes Ear Pwr 1' 59''
Jams O Jamz Ear Pwr 06''
Diamonds Liquor Leather Ear Pwr 3' 19''
Goofy Award Ear Pwr 55''
Discover Your Colors Ear Pwr 3' 12''
Ghostride The Buffalo Ear Pwr 2' 26''
Mexican Newspaper Ear Pwr 38''

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