Radiant Intervals I

Important Records IMPREC444LP
  • LP: 180 grm vinyl, heavy duty metallic silver shimmer screen printed jackets
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Eleh's influential Radiant Intervals I, originally released on CD/LP in 2010, is a meticulously nuanced, restrained exploration of the rhythmic and harmonic relationships inherent in pure analog frequencies using a blend of intuitive and mathematically based tunings. Dense patterns of sound slowly unravel and are woven together again in new ways while harmonics hover and shift overhead. Radiant Intervals is a purely analog recording, made with a Serge Modular system, Mini Moog, Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and a Pro-One.

Eleh: Radiant Intervals I

Night of Pure Energy Eleh 10' 26''
Death is Eternal Bliss Eleh 10' 28''
Bright and Central as the Sun Itself Eleh 12' 20''
Measuring the Immeasurable Eleh 10' 52''

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