Post Tenebras Lux

Medical Records MRT-008
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Émanton (Dann Abala) is an Argentinian producer, electronic musician and thereminist. After studying with synth maestro Ernesto Romeo, Dann began producing under Émanton and also has an experimental alias as Turvia. Here we have what Émanton perfectly describes as “hard esoteric/mystical/ mega darkness sound”. Four dark and pounding tracks with leanings toward industrial in uences and maintaining a consistently propulsive sound-design techno vibe. Carefully crafted with a diverse spread of analog gear/synths and modular instruments. Absolutely perfect example of the Transfusions aesthetic.

Émanton: Post Tenebras Lux

Breathe Outside De Box Émanton 6' 36''
Circleofliez Émanton 6' 03''
Post Tenebras Lux Émanton 6' 19''
Room For One Soul Émanton 6' 12''

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