Thrill Jockey Thrill 451-EP
  • EP: Includes download
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Emptyset stand at the vanguard of electronic music. With each release, they stretch boundaries and explore new methods of creating sounds with scientific precision. On their new EP Skin, Emptyset (the duo of James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas) bring together techniques they developed through their 2017 LP Borders, exploring structural aspects of ritual music and non-Western composition and combine them with recent performance work examining microtonal vocalization and acoustic qualities of materials. This is the first time Emptyset has presented a body of work using entirely acoustic production methods.

The compositions of Skin are all focused around structure, texture, and rhythm captured through recordings of a custom string instrument, drums, and physical granular materials modulated in real-time, alongside tonal vocal elements. Through the continued exploration of utilizing organic sources, Emptyset deploys minute timbral shifts, and cyclic structures to monolithic effect.

Emptyset: Skin

Skin I Emptyset 6' 42''
Skin II Emptyset 2' 58''
Eye I Emptyset 5' 38''
Eye II Emptyset 4' 57''

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