City Of Brides

Students Of Decay USA SOD 112 LP
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City of Brides is the third full-length album by En, the Bay Area-based duo of multi-instrumentalists Maxwell August Croy and James Devane. It was recorded over the last few years in a variety of contexts and follows upon 2012’s well-received Already Gone, further developing the diverse palette of that record. Across four sides, the pair presents exotic, transportive and richly detailed pieces that toe the line between ecstatic, long-form ambience and elegant, structured electronic composition.

As always, Croy’s koto is a focal point, its distinctive tone ringing out amidst the hazy guitar, vocal and synthesis environments that surround it. The material ranges from moody to celestial, from cool to white hot. Pieces such as “Blonde Is Back” and “Mendocino Nature Rave” merge sizzling modular synth lacework with plaintive, familiar drone clouds to rapturous ends, while the two-part “Songs for Diminished Lovemaking” sequence charts a more minimal and nostalgic course.

Students of Decay present En’s most realized and defining statement to date, a welcome addition to the ever-expanding and fertile topography of American West Coast drone music.

En: City Of Brides

Blades En 6' 58''
Dead Ringer En 2' 34''
Blonde is Back En 5' 13''
Songs for Diminished Lovemaking Part I En 5' 03''
Awkward Paws En 2' 53''
Mendocino Nature Rave En 8' 57''
Hall of Mirrors En 2' 29''
Songs for Diminished Lovemaking Part II En 7' 27''
Mark of the Slav En 3' 04''
Secret Samba En 9' 31''
City of Brides En 6' 16''

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