Mara I

Bureau B BB272LP
  • LP+CD: Incl. cd version of the album
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Esmark, named after a glacier at Spitzbergen that debouches into the Ymerbay, is a collaboration between the sound architect Nikolai von Sallwitz (Taprikk Sweezee, Karachi Files) and the experimental artist Alsen Rau (Scheich in China, On+Brr). Esmark's musical setup is mainly build analog. Instruments like drum computers and synth boxes have been connected in constantly changing chains of fx and filters. Some recorded on tape and fed back into the compositions. In late 2016 in scandinavian solitude, quite a number of tracks have been recorded by Esmark and some of the work is now released as two parallel albums named Mara I / Mara II on Bureau B!

Esmark: Mara I

Esmark Esmark 1' 00''
Sirens Esmark 1' 00''
Skern A Esmark 1' 00''
Mon Esmark 1' 00''
Krav Esmark 1' 00''
Keicke Esmark 1' 00''

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