Félicia Atkinson

Improvising Sculpture as Delayed Fictions

Shelter Press Shelter 050
  • Book: 200 pages / 13,5 x 20 cm / black & white / 2014 / first edition of 1000 copies / perfect bound / soft cover
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Improvising sculpture as delayed fictions is the first monograph dedicated to the work of the French artist and musician Félicia Atkinson.

This books articulates her unique way of working through images and fiction: the painting and drawings will discuss the codes of improvisation with objects, sculptures, persons, landscapes.

It's this very space hosted by the book that talks, the space of the studio, the space of the gallery, of the music or the page, physical or digital. One inside the other, as some kind of surrealistic russian doll.

As a statement disguised in a poetic novel, everybody is a foreigner, camping on some perishable and transitory spaces. The fiction allows the inner voices to become images and the archives of the pieces to shift into characters. Loops, distortions of the reality, imaginary meanings are playing together. The books becomes a proper and new territory where art forms stand up and speak for themselves, where genres are shifting in a joyous revolution.

Felicia Atkinson is a French artist and musician graudated with honors from Les Beaux-arts de Paris living between France and Belgium.

She’s working mostly on site specific installments, paintings, drawings, texts, sculptures, music and performances through the prism of improvisation and instant composition.

Those permanent loops and impermanent objects are driven by the concepts of delay, reverberation, noise, ready mades, musique and sculpture concrete, experimentation, imagination, as so many possible “dérives” into the material frames that stand for the gallery, the book or the record.

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