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3 Song EP from FSA, featuring their only recording with NZ legend Roy Montgomery.

Originally conceived as a "farewell" 7", this EP instead neatly wraps up old FSA business on one side and finds the band with new life on the other. "Goodbye" is a noisy and weird collage that definitely would have been the strangest A-side in FSA history. "And Goodbye" documents New Zealander Roy Montgomery's (Pin Group, Dadamah, Dissolve, numerous solo works) only appearance with the band in the form of a lengthy and beautiful raga, sort of like a group version of a track off of Roy's Temple IV. "The Whole Day" is new FSA, and is a lovely duet between guitar and sampler evoking previous glories such as "Distance" and "Popol Vuh I & II." Both formats feature all 3 tracks. 3 tracks, 24 mins. 12" is on red vinyl and is a fine RTI audiophile pressing.

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