Baby Loves A Funny Bunny

Vampire Blues VB006LP
  • LP: Includes download, DL with bonus tracks
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For fuck’s 1996 sophomore release, the band got sophomoric: the playing got more playful, and the lyrics got more nonsensical. Yet, from late-night confessional “Swinger” to the bare-boned sigh of “Whimper and Cry,” the band still embraces languor and melancholia.Unlike the band’s even-handed debut album, Pretty... Slow, this batch of songs careens multi-directionally— toy piano and baby grand! “Rococo” pops, “Tired” rocks, “Loosened Mind?” ups the weird, and “Talent, OR” goes full CinemaScope. From realizing “I am almost like a girl” to the hope that “black and white will soon be brown and gold” on their ode to Neil Young (“Ballet High”), the future of identity politics is nailed in 2:27. Think Jonathan Richman’s whimsical sincerity battling the obfuscation of Erik Satie: Baby Loves A Funny Bunny imbues both yin and yang. Schizo? Maybe. Let’s call it delightfully unpredictable.

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